Return Policy


The following Terms of Use constitute Web Ingress, LLC's Billing Policy and apply to ALL Web Ingress customers:


All charges are shown in US Dollar. Payments are to be made in US Dollar.

Web Ingress accepts the following types of payment:

  • Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • Bank WireTransfer
  • PayPal

All payments are due on the Account Statement Date. The Account Statement Date is the monthly anniversary of the date the account was activated. Providing credit card or bank account information to Web Ingress means you are authorizing Web Ingress to automatically charge your credit, debit card or bank account for charges that apply to your account. We also expect you to directly update, or notifying Web Ingress, of any modifications to your credit card (including, but not limited to card number, expiration date, billing address, or card status), debit card or bank account. Recurring charges will be posted to your credit card until such time that you cancel your account in accordance with Web Ingress's Billing Policy in the TOU.

Customers not paying by credit card, debit card or direct debit from bank account agree to make payment of their balance due within ten (10) days of the Account Statement Date.

Accounts that are thirty (30) days past due will be automatically suspended. All past due and unpaid balances are subject to collection. In the event of collection, you will be liable for costs of collection including attorney's fees, court costs, and collection agency fees.


Web Ingress should receive the cancellation requests at least (30) days prior to the end of your Billing Cycle for hosting server plans and at least (10) days prior to the end of your Billing Cycle for all other plans. Late submission may result in the automatic renewal of your hosting plan. Web Ingress is unable to cancel your account effective for a future date. Cancellations become effective on the day processed by Web Ingress. Web Ingress will confirm the cancellation request when it is processed. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Web Ingress as soon as possible.

No automatic cancellations or plans will be made by Web Ingress for the problems related to domain name transfers, non-usage, Internic, your ISP, or any other secondary issues not directly related to Web Ingress's services. Cancellation of services do not relieve the customer from paying any outstanding balance owed on the account. Web Ingress reserves the right to cancel any account, at any time, without notice, for any reason Web Ingress considers appropriate.

All design and development fees paid are non-refundable. The websites hosted by Web Ingress, per maintenance and hosting agreement are supported to the extent of maintenance of those websites and presentation on the Internet. Information on such websites will be updated without any charge as long as the maintenance and hosting fees are paid. All websites transferred to hosting providers other than Web Ingress or managed by customers themselves are not subject to any warranties. The customer upon approval of such web site and upload of the same to their hosting server, other than Web Ingress server, indemnify Web Ingress from any liability there on. Any changes or upgrades required per sales agreement need to be notified within 24 hours of the delivery to the customer or their designated hosting server. Services are rendered to the satisfaction of the customer.

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